About the Parish

About the Parish

The Tintwistle Parish Boundary

Tintwistle Parish Council serves the Tintwistle Parish. Tintwistle Parish is a local administrative division that encompasses the communities of Tintwistle and Woodhead. Located in the High Peak district of Derbyshire, England, the parish is known for its picturesque surroundings and includes residential areas, local organisations, and serves as a hub for community engagement.

The boundary of Tintwistle Parish is visible within the red outline on the ordnance survey map below:

You can explore this map yourself by visiting https://maps.derbyshire.gov.uk/connect/analyst/mobile/#/main?mapcfg=Ordnance_Survey_Maps and typing “Tintwistle” into the search bar.


Defibrillator Locations in Tintwistle & Woodhead

The locations of Defibrillators in Tintwistle & Woodhead are marked by ‘”What3Words” addresses.

What3Words (W3W) is a new and simple way to identify a location, anywhere in the world. Unlike post codes, which at best cover a group of houses, and in a remote location, such as in a field, are non-specific, the W3W system has divided the entire world up into 3m x 3m squares. The what3words locators are easy to say and share and as accurate as GPS coordinates. Over the past few years, local Emergency Services have adopted the use of these locations in the control room so that they can locate 999 callers more quickly and easily. The Parish Council has ensured that each location lists the what3words coordinates to relay back to emergency services, should they be needed.

The following Defibrillators can be found in the Parish:

Tintwistle Athletic Football Club West Drive Football Centre, Tintwistle, SK13 1NB posed:joyously:inform Parish Council
Tintwistle Cricket Club Manchester Road, Tintwistle SK13 1NF COMING SOON Self-maintained
Crowden (Woodhead) 1 Stone Villa, Crowden, SK13 1HZ flinches:breezy:pebble Cllr Meriel Boyd
Tintwistle Conservative Club New Road, Tintwistle, SK13 1JN minivans:left:breeding Parish Council
Tintwistle Village Club (was Liberal Club) 1 Church Street, Tintwistle SK13 1JR COMING SOON Parish Council
United Reformed Church 96-100 Old Road, Tintwistle, SK13 1JZ distanced:sleeping:sprinkler Parish Council
West end of West Drive Junction of West Drive/Manchester Rd SK13 1NE powerful:talkative:rested Self-maintained


Dog Poo Bin Locations in Tintwistle & Woodhead

Tintwistle Parish Council dog poo bins are strategically placed in public areas. They are green and marked with clear signage indicating their purpose. The bins are regularly monitored and emptied, however, if you notice an overflowing bin you can call or text the Parish Clerk on 07726 272271.

United Utilities are also responsible for managing several dog poo bins in the Parish. These bins are red and emptied on a weekly basis by United Utilities.

Tintwistle Parish Council is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the following dog poo bins:

1.     Crowden camp site Top of entrance to car park.
2.     Old Road. Entrance to quarry.
3.     Arnfield Lane. 1st gate.
4.     Arnfield Lane. 2nd gate
5.     Crossgates Lane. Side of Fly Fisheries.
6.     TAGA Entrance to TAGA off Old Road
7.     Sexton Street. Entrance to car park.
8.     Sexton Street. End of bowling green.
9.     Sexton Street. Far end by the entrance to Bank Lane
10.  Tintwistle School. Just off the roundabout through the gate.

Grit Bin Locations in Tintwistle & Woodhead

There are several grit bins in the Parish, operated by both Tintwistle Parish Council and Derbyshire County Council. Requests for new grit bins should be directed to Derbyshire County Council, as they handle such installations.

Tintwistle Parish Council bins are owned and operated by Tintwistle Parish Council. If they need to be refilled, you can call or text the Parish Clerk on 07726 272271.

Derbyshire County Council bins are owned and operate by Derbyshire County Council. If they need to be refilled text BIN (and the GB number) to 86555 or call 08456 058058.