High Peak Borough Council – Council approves new laws to help prevent dog nuisance

Media Release

17 November 2020

Council approves new laws to help prevent dog nuisance

Public Space Protection Orders to keep the High Peak free from dog fouling and nuisance dogs have been approved by the Borough Council.

The PSPOs replace the previous Dog Control Orders, which expired in October, and require people to keep their dogs under control and to pick up after them.

The Orders cover, but are not limited to, parks, public gardens and open spaces including land owned by town and parish councils, cemeteries, footpaths, footways and highways.

They are effective for a period of three years and came into force in October to ensure there was no gap in the provision provided.

Councillor Jean Todd, Executive Councillor for Climate Change, Environment and Community Safety, said: “Everyone should be able to enjoy public spaces which are free from dog fouling and where dogs are kept under control so they don’t cause a nuisance to other people.

“By ensuring the new PSPOs were approved in place before the previous control orders expired, we have made sure that we’re still doing our bit to keep shared spaces clean and safe places for all our communities. Further, I would urge everyone to play their part as well by being mindful of the impact of their actions on others.”

It is an offence not to pick up after your dog or not to put dogs on leads when requested to do so by Council enforcement officers. Failure to do so could mean you receive a £100 fixed penalty notice or face prosecution where the maximum penalty is a £1,000 fine.

Where the person in charge of a dog is under 16 their parent or carer will be responsible for the offence.

You can view a copy of the PSPO on our website here:

Anyone witnessing dog fouling can report it online:


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